Wednesday, January 16, 2013

United Paycheck Montreal Canada Payza Integration into withdrawal system

United Paycheck Payza Integration Into Withdrawal System

2013 has seen a wonderful start for the United Paycheck with more and more merchants, publishers and entrepreneurs joining us.

We are happy to bring to your notice that we now have Payza integrated into our withdrawal section.

You have a choice of 4 payment processors fully active for both deposits and withdrawals.
The introduction of different payment processors and the fund management formalities associated with it have prompted us to make some necessary administrative changes to our system.
These are minor alterations keeping in mind the future growth and stability of United Paycheck to benefit you in the longer run.

These are also part of streamlining processes taken up by the management to welcome exciting new features into your business in the coming days.

As part of these, the following withdrawal charges will be applied starting today.

Payza – 7%

Liberty Reserve – 7%

Perfect Money – 5%

EgoPay – 5%

The withdrawals will continue to be processed according to the criteria announced last week.
Thanks to your active support and enthusiasm, and the dedicated approach of our staff, we are way ahead in our roadmap to meet our future goals.

The management is committed to making United Paycheck a brand that will be a hallmark of entrepreneurial success, helping more and more individuals like you achieve their goals.

Warm Regards


United Paycheck

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

United Paycheck 10 Steps to Start Earning

Dear United Paycheck Affiliates,
We are pleased to inform that acting upon the suggestions of our esteemed Merchants, Customers and Affiliates we have added a new presentation and PDF file in our site. This new file is named as “10 Steps to Start” and it is placed at following locations:  then click   BUSINESS

These files explain in the simplest language, 10 Steps which a new user has to follow to get accustomed to all the major functionalities in the Virtual Office of  United Paycheck .
As a new affiliate you just have to follow the instructions given in the files and once you complete the 10 Steps, you will be all set to perform your role in the United Paycheck affiliate network. Existing and experienced affiliates may use these files to make their new referrals understand the business in the simplest way without any hassle.
We have tried our level best to keep the things simple and user friendly. Our technical team will keep on adding new functionalities, documents and tools in future to make the experience of our affiliates pleasant.
If you are facing any technical issue or want to suggest any correction / modification, please feel free to bring it to our notice through We will be more than happy to accommodate any valuable corrections / updates / additions suggested by our affiliates and other associates.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

United Paycheck in a nutshell - ITS NOT AN HYIP

United Paycheck is live and registrations are starts now.
Get ready to invest in AdPorts and make some money.
Plan in a nutshell:
1.5% daily returns for 100 days
5% direct referral commission
10% binary referral commission [unlimited levels]
Min investment: $20
Additional maturity bonus
Use Sponsor id - 120902, if you do not have any referrer.
VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE SELECT LEFT SIDE to join with us. We will help you with referrals on your RIGHT side so we all benefit as a team!
Registrations are open now,kindly follow the step for free registration…..
1. Open United Paycheck website and click on register
2. Enter your email id for reciving verification code and login credentials
3. Collect verification code from your email id and verify on our website
4. Use Sponser id - 120902
5. Fill up all your information
6. Choose Placement – Left
7. Submit registration form and now you’l recive an email for successful registration with login credentials

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

United Paycheck Make Money Online similar to Profit Clicking

United Paycheck

We allow merchants to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs to all of the publishers participating in our affiliate network.

We allow entrepreneurs or common users to participate in our business plan as an advertiser *** publisher.

Publishers participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for their website (and thus generate income from those programs).


The Concept: AdPort
Each United Paycheck AdPort is worth $20.
Each United Paycheck AdPort earn an Ad revenue of 30 cents per day for you.
The life time of an United Paycheck AdPort is 100 days.
At the 100th Day your total earning will be 1.5 times of your investment
There is potential that you can earn even more then 1.5 time if you opt compounding for your daily earning, refer Financial Roadmap Sheet to calculate your earning
In general you can double you investment in every 48 days
Example – If an associate purchases $80 worth, he will be assigned 4 AdPorts. These AdPorts will expire after 100 days. Crediting total $120 (4 AdPorts * 100 Days * 30 Cents per day) in associate’s E-Vallet

United Paycheck Impression Points(IPs)

On each United Paycheck AdPort, 10 Ad Impression Points (IPs) is awarded per day till 100th day
Impression Point is traffic exchange program

Impression Points (IPs) cannot be transferred from one associate to another
10 IPs per day will be credited to users IPBank ,you can use it to upload your own Ad banners for a specified period.

Example – If an associate purchases $80 worth, he will be assigned 4 AdPorts. A total 4000 IPs (4 Ad Ports * 10 IPs * 100 Days) will be credited in your IP Bank

The Concept: AdBank

100th Day
•On 100th Day Your AdPorts will expire
•A group of expired 4 AdPort will generate an AdBank

Ad Bank
•Collection of 6 AdPort
•Out of 6 AdPort, 4 Ad ports comes in a group after they expires
•Once mature (A collection of 6 AdPort) gives you $ 120


United Paycheck Ad Bank Maturity
Preferred Option - Step-1 Buy 5th and 6th position @ $10 each - Step-2 Upgrade 5th and 6th position @ $10 each - Pay off $120

Ad Port
Ad Bank

Alternate Option - Automatic - Take 3-5 Months - Pay off $120

The Concept: Maximum Purchase Allowed
*A user can purchase any number of AdPort(s) in one go, subject to a maximum of 500 AdPorts on one single ID.
*The same limit on number of AdPort(s) purchase, applies in case of repurchase also. Precisely, any member can have maximum of 500 AdPorts alive at any given point of time.

Example: Suppose a member purchased 200 AdPorts on 1st day, 200 Adports on 2nd day and again 100 AdPorts on 3rd day. So his/her limit of 500 live AdPorts is over. He/She will not be allowed to purchase any more AdPorts till his/her limit goes down below 500 Live AdPorts. Now, after 100 days, his/her 1st set of 200 AdPorts will expire. On that particular day his total live AdPorts remains 300 only. So to reach the limit of 500 live AdPorts again, he/she will be allowed to purchase another up to 200 AdPorts only.


Point to Remember:
Each AdPort cost $20
Each AdPort earn for 100Days
At any point of time you can hold max 500 AdPort
Each AdPort earn 30C/Day
10 Ad Impression Points (IPs) is awarded /day/AdPort
On 100Th day you will get Ad Bank for each 4 AdPorts enables you earn $120

United Paycheck Working Incentives
Every associate requires to form two teams (LTeam: R Team) by directly referring one associate in each of the team

Teams are known as first team: Left Team and second team: Right Team

*Direct Referral Incentive
Every AdPort (worth $20) purchased by your direct referral an associate will get referral incentive $1

*Repurchase Incentive
The direct referral incentive will be applicable for first purchase as well as all the repurchases of the AdPort(s) made by a member in the network.

*Binary Incentive
Binary incentive calculation is based on an associate working with both the teams.


United Paycheck Binary Incentives: Ad Table
There are two tables for the purpose of calculation namely
Main AdPort Table & Sub AdPort Table

A purchases up to 10 AdPorts in single ID (First purchase or repurchase), those AdPorts goes to the Main AdPort Table for incentive calculation of your upline /referrer

When a downline/referral purchase more than 10 AdPorts in single ID (first purchase or repurchase), those AdPorts goes to the Sub AdPort Table for incentive calculation of your upline /referrer

United Paycheck Binary Incentives: Ad Table example 01
Say Mr. X has two referrals Mr. Y in Left Team and Ms. Z in Right Team; and Mr. Y purchased 13 AdPorts whereas Mr. Z purchased 7 AdPorts. In this scenario Mr. X’s incentive calculation is as follows

United Paycheck Binary Incentives: Ad Table example 02
Continuing the same above scenario, Say Mr. X has two referrals Mr. Y in Left Team and Ms. Z in Right Team; and Mr. Y repurchased 50 AdPorts whereas Mr. Z